End Modern Slavery

No One

Should be a slave

1 Rescue & Rehabilitate

ENA and our partners, working with local law enforcement, implement large-scale, complex and often dangerous operations to identify active trafficking situations, intercept and arrest the traffickers, and rescue the victims.

Survivors receive intensive rehabilitation services. This support continues until the children are reintegrated with their families—when possible. For adults that are freed and for the families where children are reunited, ENA provides training, resources and support to help them become more self-reliant, making them less vulnerable to re-trafficking. Follow-up measures are taken to ensure families and survivors are adjusting well.


2 Prosecute

Engage Now Africa works with strategic partners, anti-human trafficking police units, human rights lawyers, and prosecutors to end modern slavery by arresting, jailing, and prosecuting human traffickers, slave masters and witch doctors in Sub-Saharan Africa.


3 Prevent

Engage Now Africa is preventing people and communities vulnerable to modern slavery by exposing the tricks and tactics traffickers use to exploit. We go to trafficking endemic areas and spearhead district wide sensitization events, community based education forums, and help build capacity of law enforcement, transportation, and service industry unions to better identify and report trafficking victims. We also advocate on grassroots and National policy level, and work in partnerships with survivors, local community leaders, schools, immigration officials, key government agencies, and US embassies in Sub Saharan Africa.