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MTN Ghana and Engage Now Africa: Empowering Lives through Y’ello Care Campaign

MTN Ghana and Engage Now Africa: Empowering Lives through Y’ello Care Campaign

MTN Ghana and ENA have joined forces to create a life-changing partnership during MTN’s Y’ello Care Campaign. Through dedicated efforts and community service, MTN employees volunteered for 21 days to empower individuals in Osu, Accra. ENA’s expertise played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive training to 450 beneficiaries in vocational skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. This transformative collaboration aims to equip participants with the necessary tools for a brighter and more self-reliant future.

Moving Forward

We fully expect the measures our teams have implemented will provide families and communities the knowledge and resources needed to slow the spread of COVID-19 and other future pandemics. Our staff has responded beautifully to the disruption of their normal work and...

Staying Health

In our fight to unite together, may we offer a few key guidelines and resources for your health and emotional well-being. The CDC encourages us to do the following: Protect yourself: Wash your hands often. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Avoid close...

Prevention and Partnerships in Sierra Leone

Our medical team partnered with the Ministry of Health at the Lyn Clinic. We trained our nurses to sensitize all patients, with special emphasis on the women on how to properly care for, and protect their families. “My Baby and I have been able to stay safe because of...

Practitioners Train to Prevent

On July 20th, our medical staff at the Lyn Maternal Health Clinic gathered with our Ghana staff for COVID-19 training. This training was designed to teach health prevention practices in a viral pandemic, to ensure the medical staff continue to maintain an exemplary...

Posters Teach Critical Prevention Practices

Our Ghanaian staff worked closely with our sister organization Ensign College of Public Health and it’s innovative Health2Go initiative, to design COVID-19 education and prevention brochures, posters and banners. Our goal is to build on past health intervention...

Making Public Health a Priority

Making Public Health a Priority

Our COVID-19 prevention efforts have centered in rural communities outside of Accra.  Our team created a baseline survey to better understand community knowledge and spread of COVID-19. We trained and deployed health care facilitators and volunteers to create...

Our Task Force Takes Charge

Our Task Force Takes Charge

In Ethiopia, we created a task force that partnered with the Ministry of Health and our network of healthcare providers, doctors, nurses and technicians to create a COVID-19 prevention initiative. In isolated communities, our team educated thousands on virus...

Vocational Students Take Action

Vocational Students Take Action

The pandemic has shown we are only as safe as our most vulnerable people. The virus poses a threat everywhere. Members of our task force found that families in rural villages did not have access to much-needed information on how to protect themselves from contagion....

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