demands more than one solution.

Effective Targeted Solutions

Solutions that create hope and opportunity.


ENA invests in education. We believe education provides the crucial bedrock foundation to break the cycle of generational poverty.


ENA helps families improve their standard of living by teaching entrepreneurial and business skills while facilitating financial opportunities.

Clean Water

ENA provides clean water to reduce waterborne diseases – the leading cause of childhood mortality. Clean water increases school attendance, personal income, and the health of families.

Medical Services

ENA partners with medical practitioners and saves lives in Africa– the region of the world with the poorest health record and highest mortality rate from preventable diseases.

Orphan Support

ENA’s staff works tirelessly to provide hope and the much needed physical and psychological support to Africa’s orphans.

End Modern Slavery

ENA partners with like-minded organizations to eradicate human trafficking or modern slavery in all its forms.

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