“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

Today, 389 million people, or 41%, of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa, live on less than $1.90 per day. Access to education and healthcare resources are two keys to lifting individuals and families out of chronic, extreme poverty and building the necessary skills to become self-reliant.



Real Stories 

47 Adult Literacy Students Graduate!

 After two years, these women and men from the Lake Volta Region of Ghana have not only learned to read and write, a feat in itself, they have also learned simple math, basic marketable skills, and how to improve small business, among other things. Many of these graduates are women whose parents would not allow them to go to school because they are female.

After such hard work and dedication their future is bright! We are so happy for each graduate!


We build schools, sponsor children’s education, provide technical and professional education for young adults, and teach adult literacy programs.


We provide business and financial literacy training and access to financial resources for entrepreneurs, allowing them to start and successfully grow businesses.

Community Training

We teach water and sanitation training, community albinism awareness programs, and gender and domestic violence training to help the most vulnerable.



Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle and his family have engaged in the effort to lift through generous donations of his time and funds. Chris has served on numerous impactful expeditions with his two daughters where they have lifted at every turn! The Chris and Shoko Boyle Trust has built schools and provided vocational training to hundreds of students. Chris’s business expertise has assisted many people in Ethiopia, helping them develop entrepreneurial skills and start their own businesses through our micro-credit program. We are honored to work with the Boyle family. Thank you Chris.


Lifting Real People


“My compound was empty but now with the help of ENA’s microcredit program my compound is full of sugar cane to sell in the market. My kids can go to school and we have enough food to eat.”

Tirunesh Bekele, Microcredit Recipient

“I lost hope for my future but now ENA’s microcredit program has given me a shield to help me with difficulties.”

Wegayhu Bayu, Microcredit Recipient

​“With ENA’s microcredit program I can now build a nice house with an iron door.  I will be safe. …  I used to have to rely on my husband for money and he did not provide for us. Now I can grow beans and local coffee [and] I have financial freedom.”

Birtukan Girma, Microcredit Recipient

Engage now to lift someone else.

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