Engage Now Africa


1 Education

We lift by establishing schools in vulnerable communities. We work with ministries of
education, tribal leaders, and local citizens to ensure that schools are available in the most-needy communities. Through this effort, more than 18,000 students have access to greatly improved education each year.

We also lift by sponsoring hundreds of bright young students whose families cannot afford tuition and fees, and by sponsoring technical and professional education for deserving young adults.

To combat the challenge of massive illiteracy, ENA has developed a very innovative, and highly recognized, adult literacy program. At any given time, we have more than 7,000 adults learning to read, write and accomplish basic mathematics—giving them the tools they need to become self-reliant.

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2 Micro-Credit

We provide business and financial literacy training, and access to financial resources to entrepreneurs—allowing them to start and successfully grow their businesses.

They become part of a group—a valued team of colleagues that support and encourage each other. Our facilitators train and mentor the groups and assist the small business owners as they grow their businesses. These business owners, their employees, and their families are all strengthened through this powerful initiative.

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3 Community Training

We provide training to vulnerable families and communities. We have worked with the Ministries of Health in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia to teach and assist new and expectant mothers and their children. Our hygiene and sanitation training in the Rift Valley ushered in an era of latrine building that has blessed over 100,000 people.

Amputees and people with disabilities and with health conditions, such as Albinism, have been greatly assisted and empowered through ENA’s community training, conferences, and programs.

Hundreds of thousands of people have learned how to protect their family members from being trafficked through community sensitization events and media campaigns that we have developed and implemented.

These initiatives greatly reduce disease, suffering and the disenfranchisement of the poor. All of which leads to greater

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