As the world welcomed a new millennium in the year 2000, Bob and Lynette Gay took their family to Kenya on a journey that would forever change their lives. Designed as a trip to bless their own children, they found others—young and old—burdened with poverty, disease, deprivation and almost insurmountable challenges. Bob and Lynette knew then that they had to do something.

They went to work—first in one village and then another. This effort, which today is known as Engage Now Africa, has firmly planted itself in five nations and has blessed more than one million Africans and their families—who were once hungry, thirsty, naked, and imprisoned.

Bob and Lynette could not turn a blind eye to the beggar—and this philosophy has been firmly entrenched in the mission of this organization. The voices of the poor are not silent to us. We will help all those we can. We will go to the one that is often outside the reach of others. We will bring into the lives of the most vulnerable the crucial self-reliance building-blocks of health, literacy, clean water, schools and access to financial resources. We will teach them and train them. We will walk with them. We will heal, rescue and lift them.

We invite you to join us on a journey that will change your life forever, just as it has changed ours.