Financial Accountability

We are dedicated to ensuring transparency and accountability in our financial operations. Our unwavering commitment is to timely updates on how your contributions are utilized within ENA. We strive to optimize the utility of each dollar received, diligently ensuring that every resource is channeled toward making a meaningful impact in the countries in which we work. Our ethos revolves around upholding the highest standards of accountability and transparency, allowing you to have full confidence in the efficacy and integrity of our development endeavors in the communities where we work.


2023 Allocation of Expenses by Function


2022 ENA Audit


2022 Federal Tax Form 990


2021 ENA Audit


2021 Federal Tax Form 990


2020 ENA Audit


2020 Federal Tax Form 990


2018 ENA Audit


2018 Federal Tax Form 990


2019 ENA Audit


2019 Federal Tax Form 990

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