Healing is at the heart of Engage Now Africa. Providing access to our health posts, clinics, medical services, and clean water saves and improves lives. 

We work with ministries of health and professional staff in-country, with hospitals, and other healthcare providers to ensure access to basic health services, life-saving surgeries, and major medical care as needed.



How We Helped Stop the Spread

Engage Now Africa is working to cope with the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable. Early on we knew we had a role to play in helping protect those most vulnerable and felt the need to unify and work together to stop this virus and its devastating consequenses. 

Health Posts & Maternal Clinics

We build health posts and maternal clinics that provide access to basic and maternal health care for vulnerable communities.

Medical Services

We provide access to major medical intervention, life-saving treatments, medicine, and surgeries from preferred physicians clinics and hospitals. 

Water & Sanitation

We dig clean water wells, build latrines, and teach hygiene and sanitation trainings in communities that previously had no access to these basic needs and resources.



Our Ethiopian Staff

“Every day I focus on how to strengthen ENA as an organization, how we can have more impact in the countries we serve and help these countries reach their own vision of helping to end poverty.”

Diana has 20 years of experience working as an registered nurse in trauma, pediatrics, and newborn care. Her love for nursing led her to Ethiopia when invited to teach Village Health Care Workers in rural villages in the Rift Valley.  She is currently the Director of Operations for Ethiopia and works to oversee the implementation of all initiatives.


Healing People

“The job Engage Now Africa is doing to help the blind is a miracle to our people in Ethiopia. Now the blind that suffer can see again.”

Habtamu Gemechu

Health Worker, Debre Zeit Ethiopia

“Our village can now receive treatment for malaria, … for diseases, family planning, and so much more.  We do not need to travel far distances to a health clinic but can receive help right in our village!”

Nurse, Bo, Sierra Leone

“This clinic has helped me in so many ways, I have given birth to two children in this clinic; they delivered them safe and sound. The clinic is very fine. This community was so bad when there was no clinic. We appreciate the support for the establishment of this clinic in this community!”

Theresa Kapaka

Mother, Bo, Sierra Leone

“Life in this community was woeful when there was no clinic, can you imaging we used to walk from this community to Government hospital, sometimes we lost our love once due to distance to get medical attention, but with the timely intervention of this clinic in our community our lives are now saved.”
Sabina Sesay

Mother, Bo, Sierra Leone

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