Healing is at the heart of ENA. Our public health programs enable vulnerable individuals access to health posts, maternal clinics, medical services, and clean water.

We work with ministries of health, medical practitioners, hospitals, and other critical healthcare providers to ensure access to essential health services, life-saving surgeries, and other services as needed.


Health Posts & Maternal Clinics

We build health posts and maternal clinics that provide access to basic and maternal health care for vulnerable communities.

Medical Services

We provide access to major medical intervention, life-saving treatments, medicine, and surgeries from preferred physicians clinics and hospitals.

Water & Sanitation

We dig clean water wells, build latrines, and teach hygiene and sanitation trainings in communities that previously had no access to these basic needs and resources.

Recognized Excellence: Engage Now Africa Awarded #1 NGO in Debre Zeit Ethiopia

“I believe life is a mission with a calling. I think I have found my calling through Engage Now Africa. Our organization has given hope to thousands in this despairing world. I am proud to be part of this calling to Lift, Heal, and Rescue lives.”

–Tenkir Abbabulgu, Ethiopia Country Director

We are thrilled to announce that our team in Ethiopia has been honored as the #1 NGO in Debre Zeit by the Ethiopian Bureau of Finance, Women and Child Affairs, and the Education Bureau. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the exceptional work of our team over the years. Our dedication to building high-quality schools, health posts, and maternal centers, as well as our commitment to orphan support, microcredit loans, and anti-human trafficking projects, has contributed to this significant achievement. Additionally, our efforts in curing 750 individuals from cataract blindness were acknowledged and celebrated.

For over two decades, we have been privileged to serve and uplift communities across Ethiopia, and we are grateful that our endeavors are being acknowledged on a national level. This achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our outstanding staff and partners in Ethiopia. Cheers to their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in our region.

Promoting Evidence-Based Women’s Health at the Mattru Clinic 

Our clinical team in Sierra Leone is dedicated to providing pregnant women access to safe birthing facilities. ENA partners with Mattru Clinic by training staff and ensuring the clinic has the necessary equipment to save lives and improve maternal health outcomes for women and children who visit our clinic. Our clinical team seeks to empower women with the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture their children’s health and well-being to strengthen families and communities.

ENA’s Cataract Project: Making Strides in Vision Restoration

“Thank you for helping so many regain their eyesight.”

–Tata, ENA Eye Project Manager, Ethiopia

In 2023, ENA’s cataract project in Ethiopia achieved remarkable success, with 336 individuals receiving their site. To date, over 1,057 individuals have received their site. As we look ahead to 2024, our goal is to double the number of surgeries performed by year-end. With a substantial waiting list of individuals eagerly anticipating the restoration of their sight, we are committed to extending our reach and assisting as many people as possible.

Building Self-Reliance One Community at a Time

The Daily Weight of Water Weighs on The Poorest in Sierra Leone.

National Public Radio 2023

It’s truly heartening to witness the joy among students at Bo, Sierra Leone’s Commercial secondary school, following the installation of the hand pump. Hand pumps serve as vital sources of clean water for communities lacking piped water systems, significantly enhancing users’ daily lives. Clean wells nearby alleviate the burden of water collection, particularly for women and children who often bear this responsibility. This hand pump promises not only to improve the health and well-being of the students but also to extend a positive health impact of individuals and families in nearby communities.



Sunrider International


“We are thankful that we can honor the work of humanitarians worldwide with this much-needed assistance.”

–Sunny Beutler, CEO


Over 10,000 vulnerable women have received care at Wonber Maternal Health Center and critical lab tests at Theresa Hakim Community Health Center because of Sunrider’s generosity. Sunny Beutler observes, “At Sunrider, we believe in the power of families. Our goal is to ensure the medical staff will be able to continue to impact the lives of mothers, children, and their families.” Sunrider’s donations are given in conjunction with “World Humanitarian Day,” which recognizes the efforts and resources directed to those most vulnerable global crises.

Decreasing Health Disparities for Vulnerable Populations

On average, only 61% of adults in sub-Saharan Africa can read and write with understanding, one of the world’s lowest adult literacy rates. Fourteen of the 22 countries with literacy rates below 60% reside in Africa, and more than half are women. The absolute number of adult illiterates continues to rise due to population growth, increasing from 133 million in 1990 to 144 million today. More than 60% of those illiterate are women. UNESCO


For $75.00, YOU can help one adult become literate, learn a vocational skill, or create a small business.

“Now I have more time to take care of my farm. I can reach clean water in 20 minutes. I can take my clothes to the trough. I can also take my cattle to the trough. The water is clean and pure. We are happy. Now I have more time to take care of my farm. I can reach clean water in 20 minutes. I can wash my clothes, and my children help me too. They are safe to help. The river is too dangerous for them.”

–Birtukan Girma, Sardo, Ethiopia

“Thanks, ENA, for bringing us clean drinking water. This pump is our only source of clean water in my community and for my school. When the pump was broken, we used to wake up by 6:30 a.m. to search for clean water in the swamps around my village. Even the water we managed to get is not pure for drinking. Sometimes, children in the community would run into wild animals in the dark in search of water. We were always late for school because we spent the morning hours searching for water, which affected our academic performance. With the rehabilitation of this pump, we now have safe and clean drinking water. We can go early to school, which has improved our performance in school.”

–Jane, Age 12, Class Six, Bo, Sierra Leone

“Childbirth education can simplify pregnancy and birth and help women have safe and healthy births. A mother who is well prepared is more likely to have smooth labor. We are grateful for clinics allowing mothers to have a safe and healthy place to bear their children.”

–Mabel Saidu, Maternal and Child Health Aid

“Now the rural poor have a place to go to receive basic health care.  Never before have we had such a place like this for our children.  ENA is changing the lives of so many.”

–Bethelihen Sindolo, Health Worker, Ude, Ethiopia

On behalf of the amputees in Camp Seven, I want to thank ENA for rehabilitating our water pump. Getting safe and clean drinking water in this village is difficult, especially for amputees like us, it is extra difficult. ENA has provided us with agriculture seedlings, school materials, and safe and clean drinking water. You have done more than good for us. From my heart, I say thank you for caring for us. I wonder how life could have been without your support. We will forever appreciate your good work in our lives.

–Sally Kanneh, Camp 7, Bo, Sierra Leone

“I was continuously having problems with the health of my child. One day a friend advised me to take my child to the ENA’s Maternity Clinic for a checkup. When I entered the clinic the nurses asked me some questions concerning my child and the foods she eats. They determined she was suffering from acute malnutrition and enrolled her in a food program. Today my child health is improving. Thank you for saving my child’s life.”

–Musu Mustapha, Bo, Sierra Leone

“Our community has suffered from lack of clean water. The stream in our community is our only source of water. You have not only provided us with clean water but have taken away from us the diseases we used to get from contaminated water. Thank you for saving our lives.”

–Mariama Massaquoi, Bo, Sierra Leone

“I cannot explain to you in words what struggles we have gone through to get water for our homes. Thank God that we finally have relief from our woes . . . We are grateful to Engage Now Africa.”

— Gilbert Azika, Bolgatanga, Ghana

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