Africa has the poorest health record and highest mortality rate in the world due to the hundreds of thousands who die each year from preventable diseases. We are dedicated to addressing this problem in rural villages and the most vulnerable communities.

Our health posts and clinics, in partnership with local governments, provide access to medical services that would otherwise be unavailable to rural and vulnerable communities. ENA has actively been involved with the Lyn Maternal and Child Health Clinic since 2008.  In addition to maternal health services, the clinic  offers a full array of diagnostic capabilities, laboratory and pharmacy services, immunizations and referral services for more acute patients. We work in partnership with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation to teach pregnant and lactating mothers better health and sanitation practices, and provide nutrition and dietary training twice weekly.  

In Ethiopia, our 17 community health officers and assistants, community nurses, and child health aids serve 13 remote communities in the Kakua Chiefdom, providing vital basic healthcare services. Last year our clinics had over 6,000 patient visits.

Build health posts where children and adults receive basic health care and emergency treatment.

Maternity clinics provide expectant mothers with resources that significantly reduce infant mortality.

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