Africa has the poorest health record and highest mortality rate in the world due to the thousands who die yearly from preventable diseases. To help provide quality health care to those living in rural areas, we have built 36 health posts and maternal clinics. We are dedicated to addressing this problem in rural villages and the most vulnerable communities in partnership with local government and stakeholders.

ENA has actively been involved with the Lyn Maternal and Child Health Clinic since 2010. In addition to maternal health services, the clinic offers a full array of diagnostic capabilities, laboratory and pharmacy services, immunizations, and referral services for more acute patients. We work in partnership with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation to teach pregnant and lactating mothers better health and sanitation practices and provide nutrition and dietary training twice weekly.

In Ethiopia, our 17 community health officers, assistants, community nurses, and child health aids serve 13 remote communities in the Kakua Chiefdom, providing vital essential healthcare services. Last year our clinics impacted over 1.4 million people.

Build health posts where children and adults receive basic health care and emergency treatment.

Maternity clinics provide expectant mothers with resources that significantly reduce infant mortality.

Health Posts & Clinics Built

People Served

Educational seminars on maternal care

Addressing Inequalities in Women’s Health

Mattru Community Health Post, Bo Sierra Leone


According to U.N. statistics, The maternal mortality rate in Sierra Leone is the highest in the world, with 1,360 mothers dying per 100,000 live births. The mortality rates of neonates, infants, and children under five are also highest globally. These sobering statistics represent the real and pervasive challenges women and children face in Sierra Leone with poor healthcare practices and sub-standard and ill-equipped healthcare facilities.

ENA’s medical staff have undergone comprehensive training and certification provided by our US medical team. These skilled professionals are at the forefront of efforts to combat the primary causes of maternal mortality and child deaths. They strive to prevent common medical issues affecting women and children, such as obstetric hemorrhage, hypertension, obstructed labor, sepsis, pneumonia, malaria, and asphyxia. Through their expertise and dedication, they play a vital role in reducing the prevalence of these critical health concerns, ultimately working towards a safer and healthier future for mothers and children in their communities.


Health Post and Maternity Clinic Success Stories

“The opening of the MCH (Mother, Child, and Health) Unit will save countless lives in our community. The mothers now have a safe place to give birth and receive proper care. The Maternal Child Health Unit is life-changing for our poor families.”

Embet Kifle

Wonber, Ethiopia

“I want to thank all the nurses for coming to our community and talking to us about immunizations and the type of foods we give to our children to make them healthier. Most of us parents fail to take our children for vaccinations because we do not know the after-effects on our children of not taking their correct immunization. As the nurses have explained to us, all the diseases our children are exposed to of not taking their correct vaccine. I promise never to fail in taking my children for vaccination when they are due.”

Fatmata Mansaray

Njagbla, Sierra Leone

“Now the rural poor women have a place to go and ENA is improving the lives of so many!”

Bekele Abebe Wonber Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

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