ENA Collaborates to Prevent the Spread of Human Trafficking

“Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against the whole of humanity. It is time to join forces and work together to free its victims and to eradicate this crime that affects all of us, from individual families to the worldwide community.” Pope Francis


    • An estimated 6.04 million individuals are enslaved in sub-Saharan Africa, making up 12% of the total global enslaved population.

    • An estimated 7 million individuals are enslaved in all of Africa, making up 14% of the total global enslaved population.

    • The most common forms of slavery in sub-Saharan Africa are forced labor and forced marriage.

    • Africa accounts for 8% of child sex trafficking in the world. (www.asec-sldi.org)

Partnerships Create Multigenerational Impact

Community education forums are an effective and inclusive way to raise awareness about human trafficking and engage community members in prevention efforts. These forums provide a platform for sharing information, fostering discussions, and empowering individuals to act against human trafficking.

By organizing community education forums, Engage Now Africa can create a more informed and vigilant community that actively participates in preventing and responding to human trafficking. These forums contribute to building a culture of awareness, collaboration, and resilience against the crime of human trafficking.


We target trafficking endemic areas and spearhead district-wide sensitization events and community-based education forums.

We build capacity of law enforcement, transportation, and service industry unions to improve identification and reporting of individuals trafficked.

We work in partnership with survivors, local community leaders, schools, immigration officials, key government agencies, and US embassies to advocate for the eradication of all forms of slavery.

Empowering Communities in Ethiopia: Combating Human Trafficking Through Awareness and Education

In 2023, Ethiopia’s human trafficking outreach impacted countless individuals.  ENA’s prevention efforts were carried out through school programs, after-school clubs, and a comprehensive training conference in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Lume and Ada districts, Justice in Education Department, Labor and Social Affairs, communication office, school directors, and leaders from various sectors within these communities. At the conference, 250 participants were actively engaged, with school directors now equipped to train teachers, and other community leaders gaining a thorough understanding of our mission. Together, we are working towards a future free from human trafficking.

Taking a Holistic Approach

Addressing Root Causes to Prevent Human Trafficking

At ENA, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to combating trafficking, with prevention as a cornerstone. We recognize that effective prevention entails more than just raising awareness—it requires addressing the underlying factors driving human trafficking within a broader context. Through our baseline survey study and prevention initiatives, we have identified poverty, ignorance, and the widening development gap between urban and rural areas as significant root causes of trafficking.

Our research has revealed that even highly educated individuals can become victims of trafficking due to their lack of awareness about the issue. Therefore, we believe that prevention efforts must encompass poverty alleviation, social and economic empowerment, women’s empowerment, addressing unemployment and school dropout rates, and combating alcohol and drug abuse. By addressing these interconnected issues, we can develop holistic strategies to effectively prevent trafficking and protect vulnerable communities.

Community Based Education: A Sustainable Solution

ENA organizes community stakeholders’ forums to engage various groups within a community in discussions, awareness-building, and collaborative efforts. By carefully planning, involving diverse stakeholders, and fostering active participation, ENA can hold effective community stakeholders’ forums that raise awareness and build a collaborative approach to preventing human trafficking within a community.

Uniting Against Exploitation: National Stakeholders Forum on Human Trafficking 

ENA’s human trafficking team hosted a  stakeholder and civil society forum to discuss and analyze the root causes of human trafficking throughout Ghana and formulate a strategic prevention plan. Key participants included Ghana’s Police Commanders, Government Ministers from Social Welfare, Gender Children and Social Protection, Immigration Services, Employment and Labor Relations, the Navy, and various national media representatives. This initiative requires collaboration to create a multifaceted approach to address the scale and complexity of human trafficking at the national level. ENA played a crucial role in coordinating these efforts and fostering a collective commitment to combat human trafficking across the entire country.

Communities Educated on Prevention: 2022-current in Ghana and Ethiopia

Total Community Interventions: 2022-current in Ghana and Ethiopia

Individuals Trained on Trafficking Prevention: 2022-current in Ghana and Ethiopia

Local Media Impact: 2022-current in Ghana and Ethiopia

Empowering Communities: ENA’s Impact in Combatting Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

“ENA’s awareness campaigns are dedicated to educating the public on human trafficking, modern slavery, and the worst forms of child labor, along with preventive measures. In 2023, our anti-trafficking team successfully reached over 68,943 individuals through targeted awareness campaigns on social media, workshops, and community events. Collaborating with key partners like the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, and Human Trafficking Secretariat, we amplified the impact of anti-trafficking messages for a broader reach and increased effectiveness.”

–Afasi Komla, ENA Director of Human Trafficking, Ghana

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