Offering Human Trafficking Victims the Opportunity to Recover and Rebuild Their Lives

“Empowering human trafficking victims isn’t just a moral obligation; it’s an urgent call to action for a more just and compassionate world. By offering trafficked individuals the opportunity to recover and rebuild their lives, ENA not only restores dignity and hope but also dismantles the chains of exploitation, paving the way for a brighter future for individuals, families, and communities.”–Afasi Komala, EMS Director, ENA

ENA’s involvement in rehabilitating human trafficking victims stems from our team’s skill and expertise in trauma, our ability to access comprehensive support services, and our focus on community integration, empowerment, and advocacy. We believe that addressing the unique needs of survivors, combatting social stigma, empowering individuals with skills and resources, and advocating for systemic change will offer hope and healing to those affected by trafficking, ultimately striving toward a future free from exploitation.

Building Hope: ENA and Partners Unveil Transitional Shelter for Trafficking Survivors

“We confidently say these individuals have been compassionately cared for and are now on the path to recovery and reintegration with their families and into society with new skills and resources.”

–Afasi Komla, EMS Director

ENA and key partners will finish the construction of Hope Transitional Shelter by January 2024. This one-of-a-kind facility will provide 40 rescued survivors with physical and psychological safety and the resources needed to begin healing and move forward in their new lives. A core element of ENA’s aftercare services is our locally trained and certified team of male and female social workers that customize services and therapies according to individual needs to ensure each survivor can successfully reintegrate into their communities.

We help rescued survivors heal by providing professional rehabilitation and reintegration services.

We help individuals heal from the trauma of being trafficked, enslaved, and exploited.

We offer life-saving interventions through education, business development and family strengthening.

Liberating Lives: ENA’s Dedication to Rescue and Rehabilitation

Our End Modern Slavery Team (EMS) works tirelessly to liberate individuals from exploitative situations and provide them with the support they need to rebuild their lives. From our rescue missions to compassionate aftercare services, we seek to prioritize the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of survivors. With a team of professionals and partnerships, we offer tailored rehabilitation programs aimed at empowering survivors to reintegrate into society with dignity and resilience. Our commitment to ending modern slavery drives every aspect of our work as we strive to create a world where exploitation is eradicated.

Offering Freedom To The Vulnerable

We engage in covert rescue missions on Lake Volta and other locations to liberate victims of modern slavery. These rescuwes are sensitive and perilous endeavors. However, every individual deserves the freedom and rights that we often take for granted. Upon rescue, all rescued children receive comprehensive rehabilitation care for a minimum of six months. Subsequently, they are reunited with their families in their native communities and provided with opportunities for education or vocational training.

To prevent the cycle of trafficking from repeating due to underlying poverty, we empower parents and guardians economically. We provide them with seed capital and business training, enabling them to establish their own businesses, generate income, and sustainably support their families. This approach fosters self-reliance within families and ensures the long-term effectiveness of our efforts.

Empowering Futures: Sustainable Livelihood Support

Poverty remains a key catalyst for human trafficking, as parents may exchange their children’s rights and freedoms for financial gain. To combat this, our EMS team offers rescued victims sustainable livelihood support, offering seed capital to survivors transitioning out of slavery. This support offers beneficiaries the opportunity to receive business training that equips them with the skills to effectively manage allocated funds and maximize profits. Continuous monitoring ensures the maintenance of entrepreneurial values and sustainable business practices. Our livelihood support extends financial assistance to families or caregivers of rescued children, addressing dependency syndrome and fostering financial independence. This initiative empowers caregivers to provide for the school expenses of rescued children under their care, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty and vulnerability perpetuated by human trafficking.

We conduct rescue operations to liberate trafficking victims in collaboration with local authorities.

We facilitate survivors' reintegration into society through comprehensive rehabilitation programs and community support initiatives.

We provide immediate shelter and essential support to ensure the safety and well-being of rescued individuals.

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“Engaging partners in the fight against human trafficking is crucial in Africa now more than ever. Together, we can amplify our efforts and combat the terrible crime of human trafficking thus ensuring the safety and freedom of all individuals affected.”–Afasi Komla, EMS Director

Rescue and Rehabilitation Transforms Lives

“It surprises people that there’s actually a very large number of slaves in the world today-our best estimate is 27 million. And that is defining a slave in a very narrow way; we’re not talking about sweatshop workers or people who are just poor, we’re talking about people who are controlled by violence, who cannot walk away, who are being held against their will, who are being paid nothing.”

–Kevin Bales, Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull, UK.

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