of donations go straight to helping in Africa. All administrative costs are privately funded.

Our Purpose

Since 2002 ENA has sought to engage and strengthen individuals, families, and communities to end poverty by instilling hope and teaching principles of sustainability in:

  • Education
  • Micro Credit
  • Clean Water
  • Medical Services
  • Orphan Support
  • Eradication of Modern Slavery

Poverty is a problem that demands more than one solution.  See What We're Doing

Why We Succeed


We Are An
African Organization

We are an African organization with all of the benefits of American business acumen. We leverage the donated time of some of America’s greatest business minds to maintain and build an organization managed by Africans who live among those they help.

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We Only Go
Where We’re Invited

We go where we are invited and when we get there we work in collaborative partnerships. Communities accept our assistance knowing they must invest in and be part of the work to resolve the challenges they face. We never go where we are not wanted.  This includes working with local government ministries, community leaders and representatives to determine needs of community and seek those that want to work in a partnership to solve various problems or issues.

We Measure
Our Results

We collect and analyze data, and then do it again. We conduct pre-assessments prior to beginning work and facilitate interviews with local leaders and community members throughout the project and upon completion. We use this information to understand how our work is improving lives and ending poverty. We submit and analyze quarterly reports, and conduct an annual follow-up. We believe in the power of measuring our work and providing transparency.

We Use Your Donations For
Those In Need, Not Operations

100% of donations go to those in need. That’s right, all of it. We obtain private funds for our administration costs which are among the lowest in the non-profit sector. With ENA, your contribution goes further and does more.

We Are Focused
On Sustainability & Stability

Our impact is centered in sustainability. From literacy to business to general education, ENA focuses on projects that provide people the tools they need to improve their own situation and do so over the long-term.

Where We Help