Maternal health care in Sierra Leone continues to face persistent challenges, encompassing limited access to quality healthcare services, insufficient infrastructure with a shortage of well-equipped facilities and skilled healthcare professionals, and cultural and social barriers affecting maternal health-seeking behavior. Additionally, inadequate funding and resource allocation exacerbate these obstacles, impeding the implementation of effective interventions and programs. However, concerted efforts are underway to tackle these challenges within civil society and the Ministry of Health. (World Bank, 2020).

The government of Sierra Leone constructed a Maternal and Child Health Post in Mattru. The District Health Management Team recommended the clinic upgrade. Prior to the upgrade, two maternal and child health aides served 11 catchment areas with a total population of 8,000. With ENA’s facility improvements, the clinic has the potential to become a prominent center for clinical services, benefiting nearby villages and the Bo community. The District Medical Office has expressed willingness to partner with ENA based on the positive impact they have observed from our work in different communities.