In Ethiopia, we created a task force that partnered with the Ministry of Health and our network of healthcare providers, doctors, nurses and technicians to create a COVID-19 prevention initiative. In isolated communities, our team educated thousands on virus transmission, prevention, reduction, and treatment. Often, residents in these villages had been unable to receive much-needed information due to lack of the internet, radio, or television. Our in-person training created a critical network of information for those most vulnerable to this highly infectious disease. Banners and flyers were produced and distributed. Community rallies and sensitization events were held. Loudspeakers were used to broadcast the information from moving vehicles. 

With our partners, we established 90 hand washing stations strategically located at gathering places, health posts, and hospitals allowing community members access to clean water and soap. Our partner organizations monitored and refilled the stations daily. Students enrolled in our vocational program sewed 5,000 masks that included simple instructions for use. Our goal is to increase production as demand increases. 

Volunteers became a vital link in community outreach. Our staff has trained hundreds of volunteers how to sew masks, make hand sanitizer, and teach the importance of safe hygiene and social distancing practices. These skills were taught by volunteers in the vulnerable communities where we work. They also distributed the masks to the invalid and elderly. We remain committed to continuing the effort to halt the spread of COVID-19 and protect the vulnerable communities throughout Debre Zeit.