Eric Nana Agyeman Prempeh (pictured above) was referred to ENA after the loss of his wife to cancer in 2012, and the loss of his daughter in 2013. He came to ENA in distress because he had spent all that he owned taking care of his wife and daughter when they were sick and paying for their funeral costs when they passed. Shortly after their deaths, his distress multiplied when he lost his job. Throughout the following year, he and his son struggled financially and his son could not attend school because Eric could not afford to pay the fees. The Engage Now Africa Education Department assessed his situation and was overwhelmingly convinced that he needed immediate support. ENA paid for his son (pictured below) to attend school and supported Eric with a small loan until he was able to support himself.Eric’s determination and focus on taking care of his son were second to none. He took the opportunity ENA gave him and worked extremely hard to support his son and further his career. His career catapulted last year when he was nominated by the presidential candidate of the Opposition Political Party (NPP) to be the political officer in charge of campaign activities. The NPP won and today he has been appointed as a Minister (Director General) in charge of National Disaster Management (NADMO) . He says he is “…happy about ENA and what it has done for [him].”  He still calls Francis Ansah, ENA’s educational director, for advice and always expresses his appreciation by calling ENA “…a life-saver.”Eric (pictured above with Francis Ansah) is an extraordinary example of how one small loan can not only help one family rise out of poverty, but bless an entire nation. Eric is doing very respected work for the Ghanaian government and today we are proud to have him in the ENA family.  Your contributions have blessed his life.]]>