Felicia assists her husband with making and preparing earrings, wedding rings, necklaces, and wrist bundles. She then sells their handcrafted fine jewelry at markets in Koforidua, Asesewa, and Somanya, Ghana. Through the support she received from Engage Now Africa she has been able help expand their business. One of her favorite benefits of expanding their business is that she has been able to support her husband in paying for their children’s educations. Their first born has now completed college with a degree in Education, their second born has completed his first degree, their third born is currently attending classes at the University of Cape Coast (LEVEL100), their fourth born is working as an apprentice to someday take over the family business and their fifth born is quite possibly the cutest 18 month old on the planet! Felicia is a perfect example of why we believe education is key to ending poverty. Through quality business training and a small loan, she has completely changed not only her life, but her children’s lives as well. One woman, one education and one small micro credit loan has allowed an entire family to be lifted out of poverty for generations. You are an inspiration Felicia!]]>