On the 23rd of February, a forum in support of persons with Albinism was held in Tamale, Northern Region Ghana. People from all walks of life attended the forum. The Forum was designed to engage the public in the fight against the stigmas and dangers associated with Albinism. The forum’s theme was “I am a human Being”, and we were honored to host Albinos from various communities who spoke to sensitize those in attendance on the struggles and persecution they face.

Many people with Albinism are killed for ritual purposes, neglected by their own families, drop out of school and even go into hiding because of the fear and humiliation they experience in their communities.Engage Now Africa’s Education Director, Francis Ansah, told reporters that he “…seeks to strengthen the bond between the people within their communities and schools, whilst encouraging Albinos to develop self-motivation prowess to support in activities in their various communities”.
More than 185 people with Albinism were present. The Ghanaian Education Service district officers, members of the Islamic community, Christian community leaders, students, teachers, Chiefs, and the news media attended. Sunglasses and sunscreens were given to them to aid them with their conditions at the event. More than 600 people in all attended the event. Radio stations and newspapers carried  the news of this forum across the country. One member of the media, Radio Tamale, published this article after attending the event.After the success of this forum, we look forward to replicating this event throughout Ghana and hopefully all of the countries we work in someday!  ]]>