Rosina is a soap seller who lives in Weija, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. She is 34 years old and married with two children. Like many of her peers, she didn’t have the opportunity to receive a formal education due to poverty. She heard about our adult literacy program from her friend Sarah, who is already a participant. After her conversation with Sarah, Rosina immediately enrolled in our literacy program with hopes of finally learning to read and write.After four months in the program, Rosina can now identify the Alphabet, form 2-3 letter words and write her name. She says, “Engage Now Africa is a blessing to me. I never knew I could someday write my own name. This alone is a huge miracle for me.” Rosina has now gained self-confidence and loves that she can enlist the help of her two children while doing homework. “My children have been very supportive, they laugh at me sometimes when I try to speak the English language because I make a lot of mistakes. But they do correct me and help me to pronounce the words correctly. I wish I knew there was such a life changing program long ago. It would have been perfect and be on the same page with my children. All the same, I’m very much grateful for this wonderful opportunity.” Rosina says as she  smiles.  “Thank you very much Engage Now Africa.”]]>