evaMeet Eva! Eva lives in Ashiaman Atadeka, Ghana. She is married and has three children. For the past 4 years, this 32 year old wife and mother has been selling groceries and cosmetics in her store. Prior to being introduced to ENA’s micro credit program, she was making about $2,000 cedis ($500 USD). However, after she earned the opportunity to receive funds from Engage Now Africa, she purchased a deep freezer to sell frozen fish, meat and other frozen foods in her shop. She has also been able to add a variety of groceries to what she used to sell. Now, her revenue has increased to $6,000 cedis ($1500 USD)!! Eva says is thrilled to be able to help support her family by helping to pay bills and her children’s school fees. She is happy to be a beneficiary of Engage Now Africa’s program and said she is encouraging “ENA to continue with the good work by reducing poverty and empowering people.” We’re proud of you Eva and thank you for your support!]]>