ellenAdapted from report by Afasi Komla. Meet Ellen! Ellen is a married mother of two who has worked extremely hard to support her family through her businesses selling fish and oyster shells. Prior to receiving a micro credit loan from ENA she had to borrow money from a private lender to grow her businesses. These lenders, however, are known for charging high interest rates without business training. Thus making it nearly impossible for uneducated borrowers to repay their loans or get ahead financially. With her reputation as a hard worker, Ellen was introduced to Engage Now Africa. After going through our business training courses she obtained a loan of $125 USD (Ghc $500.00) to expand her businesses. Currently her sales range between $10 – $25 USD (Ghc $40 – $100) daily, a large increase than before she acquired a loan! She is able to meet her financial obligations without any problems and support her husband, children and parents! She is also registered for the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) so she can provide healthcare for her family. According to Ellen “she is also grateful because she is able to contribute to the community without difficulties.” Congratulation Ellen on working so hard to grow your businesses and lift your family out of poverty!]]>