20160901_162312That is why Engage Now Africa’s Education Department has embarked on a sensitization program throughout communities in Ghana. They are traveling from community to community in order to develop awareness about this inherited genetic condition. Our team is determined to increase the safety and self-esteem of Albinos and create awareness throughout Ghana. Earlier this month, ENA staff held a community sensitization meeting in the Northern Region of Ghana.  We passed out literature, relayed the true cause of Albinism and explained that they are just like everyone else even if their skin is different.20160901_114805   20160901_115252 20160901_114734 20160901_114752Over 250 people were in attendance along with 25 people born with Albinism. The two groups, normally estranged from one another, were able to leave with a greater understanding and love for one another.  We are passionate about educating communities about Albinism and look forward to conducting many more sensitization events in communities throughout Ghana. 20160901_1143540]]>