1Tuanikope is a name of an Island located in Ada, in the Greater Accra Region.The predominant occupations of the people are farming and fishing. They speak a local dialect known as Ewe. This is a small village surrendered by water, called the lake Volta which happens to be the largest reservoir in the world, extending from Akosombo Dam (where electricity is generated and also provides inland transport and potentially valuable resource for irrigation and fish farming) in southeastern Ghana to the town of Yapei and beyond. Formal education is the least of their priorities since they live in a small village and the nearest school is only accessible by canoes.2 June 29 of 2016, marked a significant day in the history of Ada Island when the entire ENA Osu office staff (Afasi, Francis, Mills, Jeffery, Augusta, Ernestina, Truman, Warma, and myself Cecilia), put up a united front to embark on an expedition to the Ada Islands. Our mission for the trip was to participate in a graduation ceremony for 36 deserving ENA literacy participants and their families. With much anticipation and excitement, we loaded up our gear, secured our safety vests and clustered into a canoe for our trip. In the company of Gershon (Ada Island ENA Literacy Supervisor) we sailed to Tuanikope, a venue for the graduation.3 After disembarking, Gershon introduced us to Mr. Gilbert Tordzagblah, the chief of Tuanikope who also chaired the occasion. Other dignitaries in attendance were William Appiah (Assemblyman for Tuanikope and Pediatorkope), Daniel Adzakpa (Assemblyman for Aflive and Alorkpen), other invited guests and the entire community.


567ENA staff amidst cheers and applause were warmly welcomed by community members prior to the commencement of the graduation ceremony which began promptly at 11:30 in the morning. A series of events ensued, followed with an intermission performance by the Ada Island Primary School Cultural Troupe. Certificate were awarded to all 36 participants and their 4 instructors by the chief and some ENA staff.8 Participants expressed their appreciation and gratitude to ENA, for blessing their lives with such a wonderful and unique program. We are happy to share with you that majority of students can now read, write and speak basic English. Some of them read with their children at home. 91012Community members have fully embraced the ENA Adult Literacy Program. With the help of community members, ENA will continue to replicate our success by extending the literacy program to neighboring communities on the Ada Islands. Again, I would like to thank originators of the program, donors, fellow colleagues and all those who contributed to the success of this wonderful program.14131516Below, ENA staff address the audience and participate in a traditional Ghanaian dance.17

18192021Congratulations to all 36 graduates and thank you everyone who has made this literacy program so successful! We appreciate your love and support!