Abena microcredit cooking storeAbena is a 41 year old, single mother of 3 beautiful children who  has been one of Engage Now Africa’s micro-credit beneficiaries for 3 years.  Throughout the years she has been an exemplary student and business owner.  She is known for her honesty and has never missed a loan payment. Due to her outstanding record, she was given an additional micro-venture loan which granted her the ability to increase her business revenues and make her business to be more attractive to customers. Before learning about Engage Now Africa’s program from a friend, the revenue for her business was so insignificant that she was forced to buy all of her goods on credit. But, after entering our program, she learned how to master the 6 principles of business and incorporate those into running her store. During her studies, she learned how to identify new products that have a higher demand. As a result, she changed her business from baby accessories store to cooking utensils and home appliance store. Not only did her business revenue significantly increase, but she is now able to purchase all of her goods with cash rather than credit. Abena 2Engage Now Africa has helped her maintain her income, complete basic but essential paperwork, stay on track with her business endeavors, and employ many members of her community. While her business is very important to her, Abena’s primary concern is the welfare of her children. Abena is now is able to completely provide for her children as a single parent.  She is able to provide the necessities of life, school fees, and a roof over her family’s head…all of which she credits to ENA. To learn more about our microcredit programs and success stories, visit us here!]]>