Mohammed microcredit shoemaker Mohammed in his shop with one of the local young man that he has employed to help with the growth of his business.[/caption] Mohammed is from the Northern region which is one of the poorest regions in Ghana. Mohammed decided to move to Accra, the capital of Ghana,  in search of greener pastures. After trying different jobs including working as a security guard, Mohammed dreamed of starting his own business. In 2014, after learning the shoe making trade from a friend, Mohammed joined the ENA Self-Support Assistance program. Mohammed is now the owner of M3 Tanko Leather Works Enterprise in La, a suburb of Accra. Mohammed said, “I grew up in a community where wearing shoes is considered a luxury, I am glad that today I can produce shoes for others” when describing this opportunity to have his own business because of ENA. With the first loan he received from ENA, Mohammed purchased a machine to assist with his shoe making. By the time he received the second loan, Mohammed felt the needed to move into a bigger shop so he could increase his production. After moving in to his larger show room, his profits have tripled, he has bought new machines, and acquired many new customers! With proceeds from his business he is now able to support his brothers with the payment of their children’s school fees. Not only can he help support his relatives, but, he has started training two young men as apprentices. These apprentices help with his work while being mentored by Mohammed on how to run a successful business. They say they both hope to start their own businesses in the future. Mohammed hopes to one day open an entire shoe making factory and be able to employ even more young people. “It is my dream that one day people in my village will be able to wear nice shoes at affordable prices” says Mohammed. He is determined to expand his business and produce more shoes so he can achieve his dreams. Mohammed turns 34 this year and is very confident that his business will be able to support his wife and children for many years. Of his experience with ENA Mohammad said, “ENA changed my life.  It offered me the opportunity to start and grow my own business”. It’s stories like his that make what we do here at ENA so fulfilling and rewarding. One small micro credit loan to one motivated individual gave him the opportunity to better the lives of those around him and lift not only himself, but his extended family and the family’s of his employees out of poverty. Congratulations Mohammed!   -Adapted from ‘Ghana 2016 Quarterly Report’ by Afasi Komla]]>