Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony In September of last year, a well-meaning community member who had previously benefited from ENA’s adult literacy and self-support assistance programs (Grace Boateng), collaborated with influential members of the community to solicit for ENA’s help. We obliged to their request to launch the ENA adult literacy program to empower the Upper Weija community members. (Pictured below: Owoo & Augusta Presenting Certificates) Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony2Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony3 We started the Upper Weija group with five participants. Membership soared to forty within a couple of weeks. ENA instructors interactively and persistently engaged participants twice a week at the Paradise International School premises for 9 months. Participants ranked through three phases of our program namely beginners, intermediate and advanced. Participants became eligible for graduation following careful assessment and evaluation by ENA staff. Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony4 Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony5 ENA honored 40 participants and their families with a befitting graduation ceremony on June 7, 2016 at the Paradise Hill International School premises. The ENA team comprised of Afasi, Emmanuel Mills, Emmanuel Owoo, Augusta, Jeffery, Ernestina, Richmond, Nelson and Cecilia Amankwah. We arrived to a well decorated environment adorned with balloons, neatly arranged chairs and mounted canopies to provide shade for our guests. The graduation ceremony commenced promptly at 10:00am to a massive turnout. An inspiring invocation was given by Rev. Boateng of the Assemblies of God church, followed by introductions and opening remarks. Mercy Kudah, a literacy participant gave the welcoming address in English to the amazement of many which generated a lot of applauses from the crowd. Following a series of events, several participants took turns to demonstrate their reading abilities including reading scripture verses and other inspirational quotes. Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony6 Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony7 Notable among the events was the cultural troupe who wowed the crowd with their well orchestrated choreography. My colleagues helped in awarding certificates to deserving graduates, after which I gave my remarks to motivate, inspire and also entreat participants to contribute positively to the community. It suffices to say the atmosphere was festive with a sense of accomplishment. The lives of families were positively affected and above all, ENA made a difference. In the course of the ceremony, we received several standing ovations which in my viewpoint attest to the efficacy of our program. We are grateful to the ENA founders, donors, colleagues, facilitators, instructors and everybody far and near who contributed to make this program a success. We will endeavor to embark on measures to ensure and promote the sustainability of our much esteemed program in the deserving communities we serve. Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony8(Students  joyfully posing for Pictures)Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony9 Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony13Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony11Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony10Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony12(Pictured below: Presentation of Certificates by ENA Staff)Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony15Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony17Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony14Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony16(Pictured below: Mr. & Mrs. Boateng (Literacy and SSA beneficiary) who helped bring ENA to their city.)Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony18Following the presentation of diplomas, we were delighted to have the Paradise International School perform for our guests!Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony20Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony19Upper Weija Literacy Graduaction Ceremony21 Thank you to everyone who helped these graduates complete our adult literacy program! We know that your education will play a key role in your future successes and will bless your families for generations! Thank you for putting in the hard work and hours to accomplish this great honor!

  • Cecilia Amankwah