DSC_0703 (3)We had a wonderful time on our annual expedition to Ethiopia! We can’t express how much we appreciate the 20 participants and our Ethiopian staff who worked so hard to make this expedition one of our most successful yet! With such a large group of volunteers, we were able to accomplish more projects than ever before. Your willingness to serve, sense of humor, work ethic and love for the people in the village was inspiring. We look forward to publishing more detailed posts about each of these projects throughout the month, but, below are a few highlights from our expedition! Teaching classes to primary school children on topics such as sanitation, letters & alphabet, math, weather, colors, geography, health, arts & crafts, and emotions.DSC_0973DSC_0097DSC_0655 (2)DSC_0410DSC_0323 (2)DSC_0192 (4)DSC_0082DSC_0973While in the village, we were able to install multiple drip irrigation gardens for local farmers and a widow. We taught the farmers how to prepare their land, build the new gardening system and plant the seeds provided. DSC_0648 (2)DSC_0042 (2)In between classes, playing with the kids, painting nails, beading bracelets and bubbles were a big hit!nail polishDSC_0312 (2)DSC_0506 (2)DSC_0534 (2)DSC_0875We had three classrooms to prepare for students. We are grateful to the volunteers who were willing to do the dirty work and paint rooms, prepare desks and decorate classrooms for the students. DSC_0657 (2)DSC_0775 DSC_0538DSC_0928DSC_0898DSC_0539DSC_0582And the highlight of the week is always the last day when we are able to hand out new shirts, backpacks and school supplies to the students! shirts2With 10 days full of hard work, it’s hard to capture it all here. But, we look forward to filling you in on specific projects throughout the month! Thank you again to our hard working and fun participants. We loved every minute of having you in Yerer, Ethiopia with us!DSC_0917]]>