Tito ENA1b Tito has joined our Engage Now Africa team in America as an Advocate for Refugees. Prior to this, Tito worked for ENA first as a liaison officer in 2006 when he lived in Ghana before moving to Utah to attend UVU. Also while in Ghana, he worked with our Self-Support Assistance (micro-credit) Program, and with Liberian refugees for several years. Mr. Momen is actually a refugee from Nigeria himself who has made it his mission to help other African refugees become self-reliant, new Americans. For the past few years he has been assisting refugees in Utah and cultivating relationships with professors and faculty at Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University Idaho, as well as with local non-profits, Faith and community leaders. We are proud to have Tito continue to represent ENA in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. He will be a great advocate to help us provide the following services. Our Refugee Advocate Services

  1. Prevent the exploitation and vulnerability of African refugees living in the United States by assisting them in integrating into their new homes and communities.
  1. Work with local partners to provide critical services such as housing, medical, education, job training and other resources so they can become self-reliant new Americans.
  1. Establish solid partnerships and relationships with local governments, non-profits, universities, students, churches, volunteers, and community leaders.
  1. In Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda and Namibia we are helping people and communities internally displaced due to poverty, conflict and natural disasters with sustainable solutions to improve their lives.
Tito’s life experiences are featured in his book “My Name Used to be Mohammad” which he co-authored with Jeff Benedict and was sponsored by ENA. Tito’s story is one of unimaginable hardships overcome. A memoir of faith, freedom, and redemption, this is an inspirational story of a man whose life decisions resulted in a life sentence at notoriously harsh Egyptian prison until his physical and spiritual release. Tito is fluent in Arabic.  ]]>