Kuba and Gelanob Kuba and Gelano, who is physically handicapped, are orphaned children living with their relative. Kuba is 12 and Gelano is 11, until this year both were not able to attend school. Their relative was unable to pay for the purple school uniform and stationery expenses required to attend school. So, the pair stayed home. Kuba helped with household chores while Gelano tended to the cattle. Fortunately, their relative found out through village elders that one of Engage Now Africa’s initiatives pays for orphans and children in need to attend school! He was thrilled to finally be able to send Kuba to school! But, due to Gelano’s handicapped arm, he was reluctant to send him. However, the Engage Now Africa staff and the Wajitu School principal convinced him that there is nothing to be ashamed of and Gelano can still thrive in the classroom. Monday_Gelano   Kuba and Gelano seized the opportunity and entered a classroom for the first time. In the 1st year they joined the school, Gelano managed to be the 1st in his class of 60 students and Kuba is now 2nd!  They are now in the second grade and Engage Now Africa could not be more proud of them! Gelano wants to be a civil engineer and Kuba wants to be a teacher. We are so excited to support these two in their education and help them achieve their goals! class  ]]>