DSC_0250 Africa has the poorest health record and highest mortality rate in the world due to the hundreds of thousands who die each year from preventable diseases. Engage Now Africa (ENA) believes good health is crucial for life and to end poverty. The Lyn Maternity Clinic was originally opened in 2008 with a large expansion completed in 2014 giving us small hospital status. Every year, thousands of local residents have access to this modern facility that is not only a maternity clinic, but also includes a pharmacy, full-service lab and numerous medical services. DSC_0363small DSC_0247 DSC_0376The hospital is currently serving over 8,000 residents, including some who live in the nearby amputee camps and surrounding villages. The hospital has 19 wonderful staff members and 6 national service volunteers that work alongside Mrs. Turay, the head of the clinic. We were honored to have the Lyn Maternity Clinic be ranked fourth in clinics that specialize in midwifery and maternal care in all of Sierra Leone! The hospital’s maternity ward provides delivery rooms, beds and incubators. Postnatal care and antenatal care which provides procedures including pregnancy diagnostics, and clinical examinations are also offered to all patients. DSC_0375 (1) DSC_0389 DSC_0255The hospital, although recognized for it’s maternity clinic, also provides a pharmacy, laboratory and many other life saving medical services to surrounding areas. These medical services include: screening for malarial prevention and treatment, HIV/AIDS programs to supply kits for screening and testing and on-going educational programs for youth teaching HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness. DSC_0340 One of our favorite partnerships is with the World Food Program. This partnership enables us to provide free, daily feedings to children throughout the community. Many children would go hungry and be placed at further risk of sickness and disease without this life saving program. IMG-20160407-WA0009 IMG-20160407-WA0005 We are grateful to be able to help the people of Bo, Sierra Leone and it’s surrounding areas. This region was devastated by the effects of Ebola and our clinic’s location allowed us to play an instrumental role in distributing aid to those affected most. As you can imagine, running a facility like this requires continual funding. If you would like to provide young mother’s a safe, clean place to deliver and care for their babies and children, visit us HERE today. Thank you!  ]]>