A human trafficking prevention program we implemented in two of our high schools in rural Ethiopia is now being regularly attended by over 500 students. The program focuses on educating and raising awareness for students on human trafficking and forced labor which are both modern slavery. Students were are also taught how they should work together to defend themselves and their communities from illegal brokers, traffickers, and exploitation. Resources and contact information for the police and NGOs like ENA were also given to students so they can report trafficking when it happens. It also helps students know they are not alone when it comes to preventing human trafficking where they live. 3 2 The debate took place between two groups of students who attend our programs and gave them a platform to express ideas, ask questions and participate in an open discussion to further their understanding of the matter. 1 4 Following the debate, the students stayed to watch a girl’s soccer match and socialize. We had a wonderful turnout and look forward to hosting more educational and sensitization debates and discussions in the future to keep students safe!]]>