There are 27 – 35.8 million people who continue to suffer in modern slavery today. This is why we launched our End Modern Slavery program on a national level in Ghana. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently victims of human trafficking and slavery in Ghana and the government has failed to comply with the “minimum standard for elimination of trafficking” found in section 108 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Acts (TVPA). Therefore, we called on the Government to show strong political commitment to combat human trafficking or modern slavery. DSCN0128small During our press event, key government Ministers, agencies, the US Embassy, and NGO’s attended alongside mainstream media reporters. We know that this is the first step to having our program implemented across Ghana and Africa! We know that the preventative measures and awareness that will be implemented and raised by our program will save thousands of children from becoming victims of modern slavery! DSCN0129small IMG_0034small
**UPDATE!! Our press release made national news and headlines across Ghana! Links to the articles are below:
Pulse News Article Modern Ghana News Article Ghana Web News Article Link to press release below: Ghana Press for Immediate Release-24th March 2016 IMG_0106small    ]]>