smallbDSC_0286 Gobasi, Ethiopia is a rural village with 5,000 people located about 75 miles southeast of Ethiopia’s capitol Addis Ababa. A health post was built 30 years ago using local soil, stones and wood by the local people in the community.  The structure was showing significant wear, was dark due to a lack of windows and had dirt floors which are not ideal for sanitary medical care. The community would have to rely on a local health worker who came once a month to do what she could to help.  The previous healthcare available to the people living in Gobasi was limited, irregular and no preventative care was offered. ENA was contacted by the Ministry of Health from the Ethiopian government to see if we could help this community construct a new health post.  The local people helped clear the land and bring in stones for construction. GobasiBandATEXTCollage ENA finished construction on the new health post which now has two highly trained health care workers working regular hours to provide health services for the community. TsigayBelinish Mothers are now able to have pre and post natal care, well baby check ups, immunizations, health and nutrition education and family planning. smallDSC_0302 The health post also offers pediatric and adult preventative care. smallDSC_0312 smallDSC_0308 Rather than let the nearby old health post go unused, the community decided to keep the existing structure for the farmers.  Now the farmers hold their weekly meetings and the village can receive health care.  It is a win win for all!]]>