Emanuela Meet Emmanuela! Emmanuela is an intelligent, driven 18 year old Engage Now Africa (ENA) scholarship recipient who dreams of becoming a nurse. Since Emmanuela’s mother passed away five years ago, she has been the sole provider for her sickly father and family. Remaining in school was a daily struggle for her. She began selling oranges and bananas on the streets in order to survive, purchase medications for her father and pay her school fees. Selling goods on the street can be very dangerous for a lone teenage girl, but she attributes God and prayer with her safety and finding Engage Now Africa. For five years, Emmanuela prayed that God would one day send someone to help her find a way to achieve her dreams. Recently, she was accepted into a prestigious secondary school based on how well she had performed in her basic school examination. However, the cost of tuition and the materials required to start school was very expensive. The amount of money she earned selling fruit for an entire year would not cover even 25% of the cost. She began asking every family member and friend she knew for help, but, no one was in a financial position to sponsor her secondary education. Luckily, her uncle remembered meeting a beneficiary of an ENA scholarship and contacted him to find a way to contanct ENA. We assessed Emmanuela’s situation and felt honored to support her and her dreams. We were honored to provide her with supplies for her education, as well as, her business such as a chop box, broom, bags, uniform and tuition fees. Emmanuela says she is “…now happy and can study with ease in an environment of less stress and am so thankful to my uncle for introducing me to this life saving organization. I promise to concentrate and do well in school to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse.” With how hard she has worked to get where she is, we have no doubt that she will achieve her dreams and we are honored to be a part of this ambitious and beautiful girls’ journey. To learn more about our education initiative and how to help more driven young men and women achieve their goals, visit us here!!]]>