Volta Region is one of Ghana’s ten administrative regions, with Ho designated as its capital. It is located west of Republic of Togo and to the east of Lake Volta. It comprises of twenty-five administrative districts with several ethnic groups, such as, the Ewe people who speak the Ewe language, the Guan people, and the Akan people. The Guan people include the Lolobi, Likpe, Akpafu, Buem, and Nkonya people etc.; they are however believed to be the foremost Neolithic groups to have settled in the area including the outlying regions. Tsito is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana known for a second cycle institution by name of Tsito Secondary School. Tsito means ‘by water’ or ‘by the river’.
On the 7th day of August 2015, Francis Wama and wife Claudia and myself, Cecilia Amankwah embarked on a trip to Tsito in the Volta Region, to initiate ENA Adult Literacy Program. On arrival, we were met by 26 participants and 3 instructors waiting patiently for the long awaited program that would change their lives for the better. The smiles on their faces and general body language made us feel exceptionally welcome.
After exchanging pleasantries, I proceeded with the presentation of the ENA literacy program. Students and instructors alike were mesmerized by our mode of delivery and presentation. It was interactive, intuitive, educative and fun. After the presentation, I met with the teachers to instruct them on how to effectively and strategically teach ENA adult literacy to students. In cognizance of the fact that literacy participants are mostly adults, I stressed the importance of maintaining (instructor-student) mutual respect to reflect ENA high standards. Assessments were performed and students were allocated to their respective classes. The duration of the training was approximately 4 hours. We had a brief photo session after which participants were dispatched to their various homes. During my follow up call two days later, I was informed classes are ongoing and attendance is great. I was told participants are eager to learn and equally anticipate when the next class will take place.
Engage Now Africa is bent on changing lives and bringing people and communities together. We continue to uphold our slogan “NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN”.  Once again, we thank our founders and donors alike for bring such an awesome program to Ghana.
Written by: Cecilia Amankwah.