Recently, ENA had the opportunity to assist an Ethiopian man, Mr. F (Not his real name) with a severe medical issue related to an injury he experienced while being exploited in forced labor.  Since his wife died from HIV Aids, Mr. F. was solely responsible for caring for his two children.  In an effort to provide for his children, he was exploited into forced labor.  According International Labor Organization, forced labor is a type of modern slavery that exists in Africa and elsewhere around the globe.  
    While working under terrible and unregulated work conditions, Mr. F. injured his leg terribly.  He was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. While being treated, doctors discovered he was diabetic and had a severe gangrene infection in his leg which would require a leg amputation. He was fortunately able to get medication he needed to prepare for his leg surgery. He was told by the doctors that the infection was so severe that if he had waited any longer the infection would have most likely killed him. 
   With the financial assistance provided by ENA, on July 16th, 2015 Mr. F had a very successful leg amputation surgery and he is now recovering and doing very well. His friends are watching over him and they tell us he is very thankful for all of the help and support he has received and for the opportunity he has to continue to take care of his two children. 
   Mr. F is very happy and thankful to be alive and recovering with his children and friends. We are doing an investigation into the company and working with local authorities and other eye witnesses in an effort to shut down the forced labor company.  With the donations ENA receives, ENA is able to provide human trafficking and modern slavery prevention training in vulnerable communities as well as services for victims like Mr. F.
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