ENA is currently hosting a competition across Ghana
that will help needy students gain access to education and scholarships based on
competition results.
ENA’s Director of Education, Francis Ansah, wrote about his thoughts and experience this week:
“It’s been a very tough and tiring week. But all the same
 it has been a  very exciting one to all in Ghana. 
Everyone here in Ghana is very excited. The Minister of
Public sector reform of the nation and the regional minister of Northern
 Ghana…made statements that “this is history in the making and one
of its kind in the country”.
The main purpose of the program is to select brilliant,
needy and vulnerable students from public schools arround  the country.
This program will be aired on a weekly basis. As we speak, professional videos
are being taken and post production will be done hopefully by the end of
 next week…
It is both a Debate and quiz program. It is very intriguing and can make people get stuck on their TV.”
We look forward to posting the results of the show and clips from the show once it airs on television. But, until we are able to do so, below are a few pictures from the taping of the competition.
If you are interested in sponsoring future competitions or learn more about our education initiative, please visit us here or contact chris@engagenowafrica.org.