Last April, we announced that we would be supporting a group of orphans and at risk children who attend school at the Nyangana and Ndiyona combine schools in rural Namibia. To see that post and learn more about these children, visit us here.
We are happy to provide you with an update on the children and, as promised by ENA, we recently held a ceremony where we presented all of the children with much needed tuition, school and personal supplies. During the ceremony, ENA provided each child with schools bags, school uniforms, personal toiletries and monetary donations to cover the entire cost of their school development funds.
We had a wonderful turnout for the event and are excited to share pictures from this exciting day with you!
Presentation of supply materials with with Petrus (Nyangana school principal), Mangundu (the political honorable counselor of hte Ndiyona constituency) and Richard (ENA Executive Director for Africa Operations).
The Giricu tribe chief attended the ceremony and is congratulating two female students.
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