We are thrilled to show you pictures of Engage Now Africa’s newest school in Dussi-Tindonao, a rural village in Northern Ghana.
The school is not only complete, but, already being used to provide a quality education to over 600 children ages 6 and up!
ENA was able to provide each student with a uniform and school supplies.
Below are a few pictures of the beautiful school complete with desks, chalkboards and teachers!
It’s hard to believe that just last year, the village children were attending school and learning with one chalkboard propped up against a large tree. Students sat on makeshift desks made from cinder blocks, rocks and planks of wood and practiced their homework in the dirt with sticks.
Pictured below is a progression of the construction of the school from groundbreaking to completion.
Thank you to everyone who made this beautiful school a reality. With your donations and support, thousands of children will be able to receive a quality education and be able to lift themselves and their families out of poverty for generations!
To donate to a future ENA school or learn more about ENAs education initiatives, visit us here!