Due to Engage Now Africa’s established infrastructure and presence in Sierra Leone, we were able to act quickly to send aid to the areas devastated by the Ebola crisis. ENA’s supplies arrived before the UN and other large organizations sending aid. We were also able to lend our connections and services to help other organizations send supplies. Our committed staff worked tirelessly to distribute and monitor the supplies despite being personally affected by the tragedy.
ENA’s Lyn Clinic is located in Bo, near the epicenter of the outbreak. It’s idealic location allowed our hospital to be used as a staging facility throughout the crisis. We express our deepest condolences to those who suffered illness and loss due to Ebola.
And we are grateful to have been able to provide supplies, facilities and connections to provide support to the wonderful people of Sierra Leone.
Pictured below is ENA’s Mohammed Turry (in blue) and our supplies arriving in Sierra Leone.
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped facilitate this shipment.
Throughout the Ebola crisis we have learned that we can make a huge impact with limited monetary donations. To make a difference and donate to ENA or to learn more about our health initiatives, visit our website here!