During our last expedition, we came across an elderly man who was very ill, almost completely blind and lived in an old hut that was in desperate need of repair.
In the 14 years Diana Bingham, ENA’s East Africa Director, has been traveling to Ethiopia she had never seen a hut this dilapidated. There were gaping holes in the roof. The hut’s structure was leaning to one side and was being propped up by wood sticks. Inside, the hut had a dirt floor with no stove, bed, furniture or blankets. The old man was sleeping on the hard, dirt floor while being exposed to rain, wind, bugs and wildlife.
Diana knew she had to do something. At first, she considered repairing or rebuilding the hut. But, they didn’t feel right leaving this sickly, elderly man living and sleeping in a hut. So, with a little more money they were able to do better. ENA built him a block house complete with a front door and windows. Not only will this comfortable, new home keep him safe from the elements, it will also allow him to live a healthier and more sanitary life. The conditions were so much better, that his daughter is now able to live with him and care for her father.
Diana, along with ENA staff members and friends, also provided him with blankets, furniture, cooking supplies and an opportunity to live in comfort.
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