100 women in rural and urban Ethiopia have been working for over six months preparing for their IGA (Income Generating Activity) project.

This project will help 100 HIV positive women with employment in both rural and urban Ethiopia. The women will work together to raise and fatten cattle.  They have  been attending ENA’s business program, which teaches principles of building and maintaining a successful business, proper savings, correct feeding and care of their cattle and working together in a cooperative setting.
Each group of ten women will receive 15 cattle to raise, fatten and sell for a profit once maturity is reached. Their profits will then generate into purchasing more cattle for fattening. This will be a very profitable business for these women and will strengthen their families by teaching these women about running a business, planning ahead for their future and allowing their children to attend school.
ENA completed all of the cattle sheds this month and will provide continued assistance to pay for cattle, feed, guards and upkeep. The cattle will feed outside but then have a place to go at night to protect them from the hyaenas and theft. The women will come daily to feed, clean and look after the cattle.
We are very proud of these women and can’t wait for their cattle to arrive soon so they can put into practice all they they have learned!To learn more about ENA’s micro-credit and Income Generating Activities visit our website here!