The orphan population of Nyangana at Kavango Region in Namibia has been increasing at an alarming rate. ENA has learned of the current issues the orphans in this region face and is busy implementing a plan of action to help.
Orphans from the village of Nyangana

In order to properly assess the needs of these orphans and meet their educational goals, Engage Now Africa just completed a survey of 500 households in the Nyangana village. We found 270 orphans and vulnerable children that we are committed to helping and educating.  
An orphan being cared for by his grandmother

90% of these children are composed of AIDS-affected orphans and vulnerable children.  In addition to AIDS, the other issues these children are currently facing are: poverty, hunger, abuse and an expressed need for psycho-social support. About 80% of these AIDS-affected children are living with a grandmother or care taker who is unable to provide for their basic and educational needs. This unfortunate trend will deepen household poverty and threaten future generations if nothing is done to help. That is why ENA has is committed to an educationally based support system. 
The support strategy that we are currently implementing includes the following:
  • Providing school materials (books, pens, pencils and schools bags)
  • Providing uniforms and shoes
  • Paying school development funds(tuition)
  • Working with the school and community to educate and support additional psychological, nutritional and behavioral needs
  • Tracking the needs and progress of each orphan so they can receive a primary, secondary and high school education. 

Orphans in the village of Nyangana
We look forward to continuing our efforts to educate these orphans and keeping you updated on their progress!