Due to the increasing need for higher education opportunities, ENA is proud to announce that construction of their first high school has begun in Shama Laka!
Shama Laka is located at top of a 10.5 mile road. The closet large city is 35 miles from the school site.  The students are having to walk 3-4 hours each direction to the current high school.  Girls are not allowed to attend due to safety
Shama Laka will provide high school educations to both girls and boys living in 12 villages with the hope that more will attend next year. Right now, each classroom is standardized to hold 60 students. But because of the high demand for higher education, we expect each class will have 80 – 90 students. That means ENA will be able to provide education to 320 – 360 students in the first year alone. But we expect this number to increase annually.
We will keep you updated with pictures throughout the construction process!