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March 11, 2013. Engage Now Africa dedicated a new bore hole clean drinking water well in the Binbinibisi community located outside of Bolgatanga, Ghana. This is the beginning of the commissioning ceremony that welcomed ENA staff and shows the male and female groups within the village thanking us, welcoming us and chanting or singing “water is life!” Also shows our staff meeting the village chief, landowner, assembly man and more from the area as the community prepared to commission the well which is just nearby.


  • 2013…A Year in Numbers!

Engage Now Africa has had quite a year!  Here is a look back at 2013 in numbers… Ghana8 new wells constructed.8,000 people now have access to clean, safe drinking and bathing water for the first time.160 people enrolled in Engage Now Africa’s literacy program.3,000 lives improved through micro-credit loans!21 sponsored students graduated with a technical or vocational […]

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