At Engage Now Africa our goal is to rescue 350 trafficked and enslaved people by 2020

We are committed to ending human trafficking and modern slavery and helping rescue any victims whenever it is possible to safely do so. Rescue operations occur throughout the year in Sub Saharan Africa. We primarily rescue victims and survivors of child trafficking, child sacrifice, internal and external human trafficking or slavery



At Engage Now Africa our goal is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation to 350 survivors by the end of 2020

We rescue children, women, and men throughout the year in Sub-Saharan Africa from child trafficking, child sacrifice, internal and external human trafficking and modern slavery. We also intercept people from being trafficked. Interception is when potential victims are in transit to their destination and you stop them along the way. When this occurs, we implement our Survivor Support Initiative (SSI) which gives them access to livelihood and micro-credit programs, which greatly reduce the likelihood of re-trafficking. To scale our efforts, we have created dynamic partnerships and have memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with police, NGO’s, survivors, human rights lawyers, government ministries, immigration officials, US Embassies, and other key stakeholders.





At ENA our goal is to end child sacrifice and ritual mutilation in Uganda.

The causes of child sacrifice include cultural beliefs, poverty, community acceptance and lack of enforcement.  Every year, countless numbers of children are killed on the command of traditional healers and witch doctors. Individual body parts including facial features, hearts, ears, livers and genitals of vulnerable and innocent children are cut off for witchcraft ceremonial use in the belief that they will be consumed by spirits, leading to riches or solving other problems.