Our Team Efforts to Stop

the Spread of COVID-19

Our teams in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone are working to cope with the spread of COVID19 and protect the most vulnerable. Early on we knew we had a role to play in helping protect those most vulnerable and felt the need to unify and work together to stop this virus and its devastating consequences. 

Our first efforts were to educate and explain how the virus is transmitted to those in rural villages unable to receive the much-needed information due lack of internet, radio or television. We teamed up with local doctors, nurses and health officials to distribute the needed information.

With a goal of reaching over one million people Engage Now Africa and the medical team drove to all of the villages within a 10-15-mile radius with banners, flyers and loudspeakers with information on how to best keep themselves and their families healthy. Handwashing is the most basic and important health measure to protect oneself against COVID19,  we built portable handwashing stations and placed them at local gathering places, health posts and health centers to allow communities to access soap and water to wash their hands to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

We’ve restored sight for 273 Ethiopians!

Help provide sight for 727 more.

Our duty is to eduate and give correct information on the current issues affecting our communities.
Our duty is to eduate and give correct information on the current issues affecting our communities.

Prevention Training

Local leaders and volunteers were trained to manage them.  Health care providers were given infrared thermometers to be used at local health centers to identify those with an elevated temperature and instructed to self-quarantine. 

Our Vocational school worked tirelessly to sew 5000 masks to be distributed to the elderly and those unable to sew one and taught communities how to make a face mask to take back to their village and teach others. 

Hand sanitizer was also distributed to local communities with supplies and a recipe on how to make an alcohol based sanitizer to be shared.  Now local leaders in villages are stepping up to help their communities and are committed to keep children and families safe. 

We see people taking personal responsibility to create ways to improve their hygiene, by making and wearing a mask, making and using hand sanitizer and socially distancing.



The Wisdom of Children

Did you know $75 fully funds surgery and all associated costs to restore sight for a cataract patient in Ethiopia! 

These are unusual and challenging times and we are grateful to each of you for your support and concern. We hope that you find ways to share joy and gratitude with each other and throughout your communities. In a way, we are alone-together, but let’s not forget our humanness and humanity as we go through this difficult time. Please reach out to one another, helping to serve and lift those who are all around you.

Lynette N. Gay, ENA Chairwoman

Real People Impacted