35 schools built in remote villages

We lift by establishing schools in vulnerable communities. We work with ministries of education, tribal leaders, and local citizens to ensure that schools are available in the most-needy communities. Through this effort, more than 18,000 students have access to greatly improved education each year.


Adult Literacy

Over 7,000 adults learning to read and write

ENA invests heavily in education. We believe education provides the crucial bedrock foundation to break the cycle of generational poverty. We are dedicated to improving literacy and education in villages in the countries where we labor. The complexities of helping adults learn to read and write require a blend of thoughtful strategy and long-term perspective. ENA has designed and implemented an adult literacy program that has expanded across the regions of Ghana and which we have introduced in Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. Due to the success of our literacy model, we have the confidence of community leaders, tribal chiefs, and government officials wthat partner with us to ensure success. Today, we have over 7,000 adults learning to read and write, gaining skills and competencies that will greatly improve their self-reliance.