ENA invests in education. We believe education provides the crucial bedrock foundation to break the cycle of generational poverty.

We are dedicated to improving literacy and education in villages throughout Africa. The complexities of helping adults learn to read and write require a blend of thoughtful strategy and long-term perspective. ENA has implemented an adult literacy program that has expanded across the regions of Ghana. Due to the success of our literacy model, we have the confidence of community leaders, tribal chiefs, and government officials who partner with us in our adult literacy program. Because of its renown, this program has exceeded its goal of 1,000 participants, which compelled us to increase our goal to 2,500 students in the current year. ENA has given nearly 2,000 scholarships to students ranging from primary school age to university students, focusing on the most vulnerable and needy populations. In addition, 16 nursing scholarships were given in rural Namibia, partnering with the local Catholic hospital in the Kavango Region. Education highlights include: 35 schools built in remote villages where facilities had not previously existed; completion of a high school in Shama Laka, Ethiopia, that provides education for 600 students; and completion of the Duusi-Tindongo Primary School in northern Ghana, making it possible for 600 children to attend school for the first time.

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