Clean water increases school attendance, personal income, and the health of families. Water is life’s most basic need.

ENA is transforming lives and generations to come by drilling boreholes and water wells for thousands of villagers who previously drank muddy, contaminated water. These changes have significantly reduced water-related diseases and deaths. As a result, families become self-sufficient, less affected by conflict, famine, and not depen-dent on government services.Since 2013, ENA has drilled over 31 wells, providing more than 14,000 people with clean water. This translates into better hygiene and educational opportunities for children, especially young girls who now have the freedom to pursue an education. Vegetable gardens are feeding families and creating new income by selling extra food at the market.Perhaps the greatest advancement is the availability of clean water in the treacherously dry regions of Ethiopia—a country that has received international distinction as the heart of the world’s water crisis. A water hole for 5,000 people in the area of the Akako village was woefully inadequate and mired in filth. ENA drilled a 200-meter deep well in 2014 that now provides ample water. Future plans call for the drilling of more wells in arid areas, which will improve communities, farming, and care of livestock. Villagers now chant, “Water is life!”

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