ENA partners with medical practitioners to provide health care in rural areas.

Africa has the poorest health record and highest mortality rate in the world due to the hundreds of thousands who die each year from preventable diseases. ENA believes good health is crucial for life. We address the problem by working in rural villages to build health care posts where children and adults receive primary health care and emergency treatment for the first time in their lives. Among the highlights of 2014 was the completion of the Lyn Maternal Clinic expansion in Bo, Sierra Leone. Here, thousands will be served in this modern facility that includes a pharmacy and full-service lab.  As well, the Nyangana Hospital in the Kavango Region in Namibia, received donated cardiac monitors, maternal ultrasounds, and neonatal resusciation training. Additionally, the pediatric clinic of the hospital treats those infected with HIV/AIDS due to the 22 percent infection rate. In 2011, ENA began providing services for pediatric heart surgeries. Eighteen surgeries have been performed, saving children who would have otherwise died. Where additional care is needed, ENA partners with the Korle-Bu hospital in Ghana and the Miot International Hospital in Chennai, India.

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