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 Communities Out Of Poverty

A New House For $800
Did you know that the average American home cost $189,000.00? For less that one percent of that number ENA builds homes for those who do not have adequate shelter. In Teddecha, Ethiopia, ENA took $800 and worked with the community to build a much needed home. The new homeowner wrote ENA and said “ You have built me a castle to live in for the reminder of my life . . . Thank you.”
Fixing A Hole In His Heart

Edwin (the young boy in the middle) was born with tricuspid atresia a condition described by doctors as a serious type of hole in heart condition. His case was declared by doctors as hopeless and was told that it could never be corrected. After medical treatment through ENA Edwin’s heart has been repaired. In a letter of thanks, his mother stated “God richly bless all donors of ENA. Your donation has saved a soul.”